RIBA President’s Awards for Research 2018

22 October,2018

De-iDEA Labs director Dr. Abed Badran is shortlisted for prestigious research award.The shorlist is in the History and Theory category of the RIBA President’s Awards 2018 for his research on Palestinian architecture in Israel. Abed’s research project “Space Design, Making and Tectonics in Palestinian Architecture in Israel: Impacts of the Israeli Project”, supervised by Professor Stephen Kite, assesses the way Palestinian architecture has been shaped by the ‘Israeli Project’.

On Welsh school of Architetcure (WSA) website mainpage :  His critical review of the literature on Palestinian villages and architecture in Israel has revealed that research has yet to read the relationship between the ‘Israeli Project’ practice, and the transformed Palestinian domestic space, tectonics, making and its shaping factors. During the last three decades, more and more Palestinians have embraced their culture in resistance to obliteration, exclusion and meltdown. As the research examines, an important aspect of this resistance is evidenced in crucial changes in the spatial boundaries of Palestinian dwellings, evolving from a space of inaction or reaction, to a space of action, thereby departing from a long history of cultural diffidence towards a new experience of resistance, towards a ‘fourth space’.

The RIBA President’s Awards celebrate the best research in the fields of architecture and the built environment in four categories: Cities and Community, Design and Technical, History and Theory, and the Annual Theme of ‘Ethics and Sustainable Development’.

Professor Chris Tweed, Head of School, said: “I’m delighted to see the School is represented in these awards for the second year running, after Dr Steve Coombs’ category winning entry last year.”

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