Abed Badran resigns from the IUIA by Esther Zandberg 12 May 2014 Haaretz

12 May,2014

IMG_1476Meeting with Arab Architects at De-iDEA Labs Haifa Office   By Esther Zandberg, 12 May 2014. Haaretz ...The only local, public response relating to this issue came from Israeli Arab architect Abed Badran, a member of the IAUA’s national board, who is completing his doctorate in architecture in the United Kingdom. In a letter to the IAUA and in a conversation, Badran said that while he saw the proposed ban as unfair collective punishment, he was utterly opposed to asking for the intervention of the Foreign Ministry and Lieberman “because of whom we are dealing with injustice,” and being “linked up to aggressive politics.” The way to deal with such a situation, Badran suggested, was “direct dialogue with RIBA.” He added that he has now announced his resignation from the IAUA board and had expressed his disappointment that he was “unable to lead [the association members] anywhere.” read more.. [Haaretz] [Apjp]  

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