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1 January,2016

  Architect with 2 years of experience:   A talented Architect job in Haifa, leading medium scale projects in a front end position. You will possess proficiency in AutoCAD and the...

Presenting Conservation and Conversion of Dahir El Omar Castle

3 December,2015

    De-iDEA Labs’ team, represented by Architects Abed Badran and Ameer Srouji  have presented, on Tuesday 1st December,  the ‘Conservation and Conversion’ of Dahir El Omar Castle to Shafa-Amr council board.    

De-iDEA Labs is Testing AutoCAD for Mac Mandalore

8 September,2015

  'De-iDEA Labs' has been asked to be a member in testing team of AutoCAD for Mac Mandalore Beta 2016 Pre-Release.

De-iDEA Labs’ Team is invited to take part in Jericho Gate Competition

27 April,2015

De-iDEA Labs’ Team has decided to accept Padico invitation to take part in Jericho Gate Competition. The team considers the invitation as a valuable and a promising opportunity for connecting the divided geography with...

Abed Badran resigns from the IUIA by Esther Zandberg 12 May 2014 Haaretz

12 May,2014

Meeting with Arab Architects at De-iDEA Labs Haifa Office   By Esther Zandberg, 12 May 2014. Haaretz …The only local, public response relating to this issue came from Israeli Arab...

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