About us

PROFILE: Creation and Excellence

De-iDEA Labs Ltd | [B.E.A.D], is an emergent architectural and design practice based between London and Haifa. Established by Dr. Abed Badran in 2012, an award-winning architect, urban designer,  structural designer, industrial designer, and a software engineer. Nowadays, in the post-geographical era, a team of 10 architects, designers and engineers are operating collaboratively from different cities in the world, as a cloud based office, headquartered in London, and Haifa. De-iDEA Labs is a cool and a fun design practice with wide experience and has developed a reputation for delivering design excellence and creativity. De-iDEA Labs' practice is recognised for its projects in architecture, urban design, structural engineering, industrial design and research:  projects of housing, commerce, fair yards, industrial parks, workspace, education, preservation, culture, and furniture design. Our work is oriented with a solid and strong background in materials and technologies and it aims to enhance the architectural discourse/practice through interdisciplinary design, cutting edge explorations and research, helping clients to discover, create, develop and reach new tangible identities, brands and experiences. De-iDEA labs is also the home developer of 'Octomus', a platform for collaboration intelligence and 'Evolvectonic' an agent for morphogenesis processing.

VISION: Sensation in Motion

"Architecture is something that you can see, you can touch, you can hear and you can smell." Architecture also is a lifeform, breaths, evolves and transforms, because nature and design tempt one another, follow one another, and transcend one another. That vision entails us to bring design to a cyclic system. Being inside the cycle might demand you to be adaptable, changeable, or might be you who should lead the change. Therefore, our team is always on the lookup for new and innovative ways to transcend the built environment. However, once we’ve realized that architecture is infamously slow in regard to other disciplines: film, product design, fashion, and multimedia, the belief in interdisciplinary and experimental design came to be our worldview. Therefor, we approach our designs with fresh eyes and enthusiasm, taking our industry in exciting directions, offering new frontiers  and techniques, such as parametric modeling and digital fabrication. Consequently, each of our designs is post-typological, and unique where tectonics and structures are weaved together to represent a form of culture and a form of identity.


  • Dr. Abed E. Badran

    Principal/Founder, Senior Architect/Structural Designer

    badran@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0)50-5400-792/ +44 (0)2081444090
  • Shada Shalata

    Co-Director, Associate Architect

    shada.s@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0) 48516001
  • Suhair El Kabha

    Associate Architect

    suhair.e.k@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0) 48516001
  • Saed Mahajna


    saed.m@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0) 48516001
  • Lana Msheal


    lana.msheal@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0) 48516001
  • Ahmad Afifi

    Structural Engineer

    ahmad.afifi@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0)48516001
  • Moran Badran

    Architectural Intern

    moran.badran@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0) 48516001
  • Muhammad Atta

    Lead Architect/ Cairo

    Muhammad.a@deidea.net Tel: +44 (0) 2081444090
  • Muhammad Badran

    Content Producer/ International

    Muhammad.b@deidea.net Tel: +972 48516001
  • Rand Hamdallah

    Architect/ Ramallah Office

    Rand.h@deidea.net Tel: +972 (0)4 8516001