Expo of Galilee


Design Team: Abed E. Badran, Jawad Abu Hanna, Ameer Srouji, Maram Husien, Fadi Waked, Obayda Abu Asbeh.
Location: Galilee towns- Tamra, Kabul, Shaab, Shafa-Amr, Ibyleen.
Total area: 17000 sqm
Design : 2015-2016.
Program: Green Houses and Exhibition Land to accommodate Eco-Tourism Fairs, Agri-Tourism Fairs, Trade Fairs, Service Fairs, and Happening Fairs, Agri-Tech Fairs .
Client: Injaz Centre.

In collaboration with: Orwa Switatt (Urban Planner) and Faris Jahshan (GIS).

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