The Centre for Pedagogy


Learning Centre for education staff and professionals. The project is one of the leading modern centres for pedagogic development. 
It aims to build a higher education base by developing world-class teachers, education professionals; and enhancing of their teaching excellence , their teaching skills, and their career potential.
The Program consists: 2 Training halls, 2 Computer Studios, 2 Workshop halls, 3 class rooms, Administration, and staff rooms.

Architects: De-iDEA Labs | [B.E.A.D].
Design Team:  Dr. Abed E. Badran, Hiba Banna, Sirin Hassan, Katrina Hamadna, Murad Sgaier, Emran Ziadat. and London Office: Mandea Xeda, Yazin AL.
Location: Tamra.
Total area: 1500 sumDesign : 2016. Construction: 2018

Client: Tamra Municipality. 
Steering Committee: Dr. Sohel Diab, Amin Sahly, Saleh Hegazi, Muhammad Shama,  Azhar Diab.